The Amazing Older Escort

The Amazing Older Escort

Ever since I knew about sex, I never imagined myself bedding an older woman not at least those of one or two years older than me. I thought of them to be rough, nasty and naughty in the game. For several years I held my thought until recently when I met Flora.

We met on one of the popular escort sites, Charlotte Action Escort, where we instantly clicked and she told me about herself. Like me, she had just joined the site. I liked her, her pretty eyes, beautiful physic, and her talks were just sexy! From our long and constant chats, we agreed to meet and have some “fun” – she called it. I guessed she was horny. However, sticking to my old imagination, I was a little bit hesitant. According to her accounts description, she was 13 years older – Flora was 40 while I had just hit 27. But again I imagined this was a chance and an experience I yearned to have a feel of.

She came over to my place and I could hardly believe my eyes. So yummy she was. She was just perfect in the game. She had a shaved pussy and her oral foreplay was just breathtaking. I had never experienced such before. And her pussy was dripping wet and tight.

Her sexual insatiability was one thing I loved much about her. She rode on me like never before, escalating my organism to higher levels than I had ever experienced. We kept on exchanging sex positions from one to the next. We began on the bed, then floor, to the couch and to the balcon. Her sexy thighs were soft and clean. I kissed them repeatedly. Her boobs still pointed as those of a young girl, ample and perky. She controlled all the thrusts and held her thighs bit more close creating a tighter avenue for penetration hence much pleasure to me. Her sexy eyes made me pump harder when I looked at them.

I liked her game. Despite the few breaks we were having between the sexes positions, her zeal kept my penis erect for the entire time. It’s only after about two hours that we relaxed for a little rejuvenation. We conversed in between, and it was all different from what I’ve had before. She talked maturely and handled every move in the same way. I couldn’t think of her old age anymore.…